To navigate to the store settings page go to Stores > Store Overview > Settings.

From this page you can adjust settings pertaining to:

  • Store contact information and location
  • Store Hours and Hour Exceptions (closing your store)
  • Online Ordering
  • Delivery settings
  • KDS behavior
  • Payroll and Tipping
  • Third Party Integrations

In order to launch your store you will need to have the following settings filled out.

  1. Store Hours
  2. Address with GPS Coordinates
  3. Email
  4. Phone Number
  5. DoorDash Integration (if applicable). Link below with instructions.

Store Info

This card includes settings for how your store will appears to customers in online ordering. 

Name for App/Web: This is the name of your store in the location list for online ordering
Email: This is the email that any questions submitted to the Contact Us forms will go to for this store
Phone Number: This is the phone number that will be listed online for your store


From here you can edit the address that will appear online for your customers.
You can also adjust the shipping address Crisp will use to send you any equipment you order through us.

Hours and Hours Exceptions

Store Hours

Use the Store Hours card to adjust the hours you want displayed online. These are the time frames in which your customers will be able to place online orders. Be aware that the only function of these hours is to determine when online ordering is available. 

Hour Exceptions

If you'd like to close your store during a time you would normally be open (such as for holidays or special events) you can do so by creating an Hours Exception

When creating an Hours Exception - be sure you input the time you will be closed. So if your store is normally open between 8am - 8pm , but you'd like to close at 2pm. You would create an Hours Exception for 2pm - 8pm.

Hours Exceptions will not work for closing your store same-day. To close your store to online orders immediately you can use the Temporarily Disable Online Ordering option from you POS Settings

Online Ordering Options

From here you can control the pickup options available to your customers (or if your store appears for online ordering at all)

The following options can be turned on or off for customers to select from when choosing their pickup method through the online ordering process:

  • Dine-In
  • Take-Out
  • Drive-Thru
  • Curbside Pickup

For Curbside Pickup, include instructions for your customers on where they should park to receive their order.


Payroll & Tipping

From here you can control settings for how your payroll and tip reports will be calculated, as well as what tipping options will be presented to customers. 

Payroll Start Day of Week: This allows you to set what day 40 hour work-weeks will be calculated from. If you're unsure about setting a payroll start day of week, refer to the FLSA standards here: FLSA Standards

Tip Split Method: This option will determine how tip reports are calculated for this store. You can select from the following three options:

Pool and Split by day: Tips are totaled per day and distributed by hours worked. (for $100 in tips and 10 labor hours, each hour worked receives $10 in tips)

Pool and Split by hour: Tips are totaled per hour and distributed by employees working that hour. (for $10 in tips and 2 working employees, each  worker receives $5 in tips)

Cashier Keeps Tips: The employee logged into the register at time of payment keeps tips

Tipping Options: These allow you to configure the tip options presented to customers, these configurations apply to both online and in-store transactions.

  • Select whether you'd like to use ($) Dollar Amounts or (%) Percentages for your values
  • Then you will configure three options to present.
  • Selecting an options as "preselected" will select the tip by default, customers will still have the option to change the tip or to leave no tip. 


These settings are typically configured during your brands onboarding. It isn't recommended that changes are made here. If you choose to change these settings, detailed information on each settings effect is listed directly in the dashboard.


Here you can set up your store with some of the integrations available through Crisp

  1. For the Doordash POS integration refer to this article: Doordash POS Integration
  2. For the Doordash Drive integration, refer to this article: DoorDash Drive
  3. To use R365 or Onfleet integrations, please reach out to support through the support chat