*You must have a DoorDash Merchant account configured to use this option.

*You will still need a DoorDash tablet to track dashers, cancel orders, and more.

What it is

The Crisp + Doordash POS integration will automatically ingest Doordash orders into your POS system.
This integration has two primary benefits.

1. Operational simplicity
Don't wast employee time converting orders from your Doordash tablet into your Crisp POS app. With this integration orders will behave like pickup orders placed through your app or website, automatically flowing to your KDS at your configured prep time.

2. Reporting Accuracy
By removing employee error when translating orders into the POS, or missing Doordash reporting altogether, you can more easily reconcile your third party orders right in your Crisp Dashboard.

How to set it up

Please ensure that you have your store address and store hours input before submitting this requests. All of this information is found on your store > settings page.

Login to your Crisp dashboard and go to your store > settings page.

Store Settings

1. Edit integrations

2. Select Doordash POS

3. Fill in required information

4. Submit Request

What happens next

Doordash will notify you if there are any issues with the menu that has been sent. This could be caused by missing store hours, address etc, so please make sure all of your store's information is filled out in the store settings page.

We'll double check your store for proper configuration and then send your request to Doordash. Once Doordash has received your request they process new stores. New stores will be activated on the last Wednesday of every month and must be submitted by the preceding Friday. Any requests to expedite the process will need to go through Doordash.

Additional Integration Features

Beyond the order-flow from Doordash to your in-store POS, our integration includes extra features for your enjoyment.

  • Updated Menu - When you update your menu or store hours from your Crisp dashboard, your menu will be updated the next morning at 6am on Doordash (and Uber)
    Do note that only corporate menu pushes trigger the automatic update. If making store level changes, please reach out through your support chat to request an update to your third party menus
  • Stock - When you set products or modifiers out of stock on your POS the product or modifier will be made unavailable on 3rd party platforms
  • Temporarily offline - When you mark your store as temporarily unavailable for online orders (which you can do from your POS settings page) your store will also be turned off for orders on 3rd party sites.  
  • Holiday Hours - When you create new hour exceptions in your Store Settings Doordash (and Uber) will receive these exceptions the next morning at 6am. Please be sure to input hour exceptions at least the day before your store will be closed