*You must have a DoorDash Merchant account configured to use this option.

*You will still need a DoorDash tablet to 86 items, track dashers, cancel orders, and more.

What it is

The Crisp + Doordash POS integration will automatically ingest Doordash orders into your POS system.
This integration has two major benefits.

1. Operational simplicity
Don't wast employee time converting orders from your Doordash tablet into your Crisp POS app. With this integration orders will behave like pickup orders placed through your app or website, automatically flowing to your KDS at your configrured prep time.

2. Reporting Accuracy
By removing employee error when translating orders into the POS, or missing Doordash reporting altogether, you can more easily reconcile your third party orders right in your Crisp Dashboard.

How to set it up

Crisp Dashboard > Stores > Store Overview > Select your store > Settings > Integrations > DoorDash POS

From your store's page in the Crisp Dashboard you can configure an upcharge for your products and modifiers on the Doordash menu.

Most of the setup for this configuration will be done through your DoorDash merchant portal, to set this up, follow these instructions:

1. Log into your DoorDash Merchant Portal

2. Go to the "Help" section on the left-hand side select "Account Support" and "Change Order Protocol". You will then be prompted to select if you would like to integrate one store or multiple stores and will select "Point of Sale".

3. Confirm the store name and address and fill in your POS integration information. You will find your stores Unique ID listed in the DoorDash POS integration module on your dashboard. Under Stores > Store Overview > Select your store > Settings > Integrations

4. After making this request through DoorDash they will contact the Crisp Support team. When DoorDash has finished configuring your store we will send them your menu and orders will begin flowing into your Crisp POS.

Remember that the "Unique ID for your Store/Brand" is found in your Crisp Dashboard on the store settings page (where you set your store hours and other similar info). 

You may hear your Doordash representative refer to this as an "integration ID"