Previously managing store operations required you to use both the Crisp Dashboard and your store's "backend" website.

Now most tasks can be completed within the dashboard.

Getting there

Go to the stores tab on your right hand navigation in the dashboard.
Under stores select "Overview"

If you have access to multiple stores you will see them listed here with basic information about their performance for the day.
If you have access to only one store you will be taken directly to the details page.

What's in here

There are two tabs in the stores page.


Here you can view tasks if you have set these up. Click into the task to see who has completed it and if any items were missed.

You can also see your cash drops listed beneath tasks. Click into the cash drop to see details on overs/unders, start time, etc.


There are 3 reports that you can run from your store view

  1. Tips - Select a date range and this will show you how tips should be distributed to your employees. This is generally used if you distribute tips with your payroll rather than at the end of shifts. Tips are allocated by hours worked on the day they are received. So if $100 in tips are collected and 10 employees each worked 1 hour they would each receive $10.
  2. Payroll - This is a regular payroll report. Select a start date and date range and the report will display employee wages including overtime.
  3. Labor - Labor reports are a summary of hours worked and wages. These can be run with more flexible date ranges in the case that your pay-roller uses semi-monthly or other payroll periods.