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Previously, our system only calculated the cash drop based on the day's cash sales and did not account for how much cash started in your cash drawer. It was necessary to remove the starting cash amount and then count the remaining cash. If you did not first remove your starting till amount, your cash drop numbers would be off.

After listening to a lot of feedback from customers, we've found and are implementing a more efficient, automated way to perform your cash drops!  

Now, you don't need to remove any cash before counting your drawer. You can simply count all the cash together.

Additionally, we've added a "Cash Drop Formula" (as seen below) to the Cash Drop page on the POS and Dashboard. This cash drop formula removes any manual calculations you had to do before and will give you the numbers you need to balance your drawer.




Steps to Perform a Cash Drop

Step 1 - Open the Cash Drop page

  • POS: Open Side Navigation Menu > Management > Cash Drop
  • Dashboard: Stores > Store Overview > Select Store > Cash > + Add Cash Drop

Step 2 - Enter Start Till amount

  • Rather than removing the starting till amount from the cash in your drawer, simply enter that number in the "Start Till" field.

Step 3 - Count Cash

  • Count all the cash in your drawer (including the Start Till amount) and enter those values into the Cash Drop fields.

Step 4 - Remove Earned Cash

  • Thanks to the Cash Drop Formula, we can easily see the total amount counted from the cash drawer and the amount that needs to be removed to reset the drawer to the starting amount!

Step 5 - Complete the Drop

  • Press the "Drop Cash" button to complete the cash drop.

How to View Cash Drop Report

Only employees with the correct permissions are able to access this page

Cash Drop reports are found in the Crisp Dashboard by clicking Stores > Store Overview > Select a Store

After completing your Cash Drop, it will appear here within 15 minutes of completion. Here, you can see the values entered by the employee performing the cash drop, as well as whether the count was over or under the expected amount.


Expected amount is based on all cash sales that took place that day on all devices linked to that register.

Actual amount is based on the "Cash Drop Formula" illustrated above. 

Difference is the difference between the Expected and Actual amounts.

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