Prep instructions allow you to add instructions that your kitchen staff can access directly from the KDS screen - reducing training times and getting new team members up to speed faster than ever.

On the Dashboard

On the Product settings screen in the dashboard, you will see the textbox where you'll type out

the Prep Instructions that appear on the KDS to help your employees know how that product is to be made.

If you click the eye icon in the formatting list above the text box, you can preview what the instructions would look like when live on the KDS once you are done formatting them how you would like.

You cannot edit prep instructions for Corporate products from the Store level. If the Prep Instructions are greyed out and you feel the steps need to be changed/updated, please reach out to your Corporate team for assistance.

On the KDS

When added, products that have Prep Instructions added to them will have a note icon appear on the product box in the KDS. Tapping that icon will bring up a pop up that will display the Prep Instructions for employees to read. 

If this note icon does not appear after adding your Prep Instructions to the product, a restart of the POS app may be required.