Crisp offers an inventory management system with two major outcomes:
1. Calculating COGS
2. Generating Order Sheets



How to configure your Inventory (Crisp Dashboard)

The first step in using the inventory tool is to set up your inventory list. We'll go over how to configure this from a corporate level, as well as store level customization.

How to create Inventory Counts and Receiving Records (POS)

With your inventory list configured, employees will be able to create inventory counts and receiving records from the POS. 

Inventory counts: A count of every inventory item.

Receving records: A record of the quantity and price of items received from specific vendors.

How to Generate Order Sheets + Review Counts/Receiving (Crisp Dashboard)

Now that we've got our inventory list created, and we're generating counts and receiving records from the POS. We'll take a look at how you can review and edit records as well as generate quick and easy order sheets.

How to Run COGS reports (Crisp Dashboard)

Now that we're utilizing the entire system to keep track of our inventory, we can use the reports in the Crisp dashboard to review our COGS% as well as dollar value.