How do I setup my Raspberry Pi?

In order to setup your raspberry pi's to your screens, you'll need to connect to them and enter your store's Crisp wifi information. 

Plug your raspberry pi into power, and connect them to your TV using the provided HDMI cable. 
One end of the HDMI cable will be large, like you're used to seeing in your television at home. 
The other side is a micro HDMI and will plug into the pi

Step 2

When the pi powers on, you will see it run through some startup scripts on your television.

Let it run through these scripts and then search for wifi networks on your phone. 

The raspberry pi will start broadcasting a hotspot called

so this could be comitup-4432, comitup2231, etc.

Connect to this hotspot

Step 3

After connecting to the hotspot you should be redirected to a page that will ask you for network information.
You are essentially telling the pi the credentials to your Crisp network

Make sure you're entering the credentials for your Crisp network that all of your other restaurant equipment is connected to. The SSID should read as something like


If for some reason you don’t automatically get redirected to the connection page after connecting to the Pi's hotspot, open a web browser and enter the URL while remaining connected to the hotspot.

Step 4

The pi should now connect to your network. Wait up to 15 minutes for it to appear in your Crisp dashboard and setup your images with help here