Unable to Connect to Server

Please note that if you are unable to connect to the server, this constitutes an emergency in which case you can call our Emergency Hotline (385) 317-4006


Check the iPad's Settings


Step 1 - Check WiFi Network 

  • Go to the iPad's settings
  • Select Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
  • Make sure the CRISP-____ network is selected
  • Make sure no other networks are saved under the MY NETWORKS section

Step 2 - Check the Privacy Settings

  • Go to the iPad's settings
  • Select Privacy on the left-hand side
  • Select Local Network on the right-hand side
  • Make sure Crisp Fast Casual is On
  • Return to Privacy
  • Select Location Services
  • Make sure Location Services are On
  • Scroll down to Crisp Fast Casual and make sure ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS it is set to While Using

Step 3 - Make sure the iPad is running the latest software (Please note that we cannot guarantee that our app is compatible with iPads that Apple is no longer updating)

  • Go to the iPad's settings
  • Select General 
  • Select Software Updates
  • If there is an update available, we recommend updating the iPad

Check the Crisp App's Server Settings

Step 1 - Open Server Settings

  • On the Pin Screen, type 01051

Step 2 - Check the IP Address

  • Make sure the IP Address is set to

Step 3 - Check the Port

  • Make sure the Port is set to 311

Check the Device Connections

Step 1 - Print Report

  • On the Crisp App's pin pad, type 66666

Step 2- View Report

  • A report will be printed on all available printers showing which devices are connected and which are not
  • Proceed to troubleshoot any device that is not connected