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Make sure you have a scheduled time with a Crisp Launch Specialist so they are available to help you with any troubleshooting.

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Watch the three videos below while installing your hardware for a step by step walkthrough. Please watch them in order. 


Warning: When setting up your iPad and have your Crisp App installed, you will receive permission popups. Please make sure that your Location services are set to While using the app and that your Local Network setting is enabled for Crisp Fast Casual Without these two permissions set, your Crisp App will not work even if you are connected to your Crisp Network

For any questions please reach out to your Launch Specialist!

Menu Display Setup


Installation Guides:

- WiFi (Most Common): If your store uses WiFi enabled printers and payment terminals.

- Hardwired Unifi: If your store uses ethernet to connect internet to printers and payment terminals.