Reporting Groups are created when your menu is initially built, but can be customized at any time. You will need to go into the menu and add a Group for each Reporting Group you wish to see in your reports. Once the Group has been added, you can add specific products to each group category.

To view Groups on your menu, go to your store dashboard. Select MENU from the left side panel, then click CORPORATE. 

This will bring you to the Menu page. Up at the top select GROUPS. Here you can see all the existing Reporting Groups. 

If you click on any Reporting Group you will see the Settings options. Here you can rename an existing Group. Be sure to save all changes made.

To add a new Reporting Group, click Groups. Then click the NEW GROUP icon in the top left. 

Type in the name of the category (Names should be generic, such as SODA or COOKIES), then choose whether you would like to exclude these groups from Loyalty or Sales Reporting. Make sure to click Save.

To add a Product Group to a Reporting Group, select Products at the top of the page. 

Select the Product Category you want to add to your Reporting Group. Then, click SETTINGS.

Scroll down to the very bottom and click Primary and Secondary Reporting Groups. Select the Reporting Group you would like to add from the dropdown menu.

To add a specific Product to a Reporting Group select PRODUCTS at the top of the page. 

Click into the product you would like to add to your Reporting Group, then click Settings.

Next to the Product Description you will see two categories -- Primary Reporting Group and Secondary Reporting Group. You may select your preferred Reporting Groups from the drop down. 

Once you have added a Product to a Reporting Group, make sure to schedule a Menu Push so that all the changes are pushed through.

Now, each Reporting Group you have added should show up in your report!