What are automated campaigns?

Automated campaigns differ from Blast Campaigns because they are triggered by certain customer journey events. These have the advantage of not having to be configured continuously, and allow you to "set-and-forget" a marketing strategy to gain and keep customers. 

Only users in the Admin user group with appropriate permissions can configure these campaigns. This will typically be members of your corporate team.

How do I get started?

In your Crisp dashboard navigate to the Customers tab and click Marketing.
In the top navigation of this page click the tab labeled Automated

How do I configure campaigns?

Automated campaigns are actually even easier to configure than Blast campaigns, as there is no scheduling to worry about. Simply click on the card that displays the Campaign you wish to configure and fill out the required information.

We're developing new campaigns to allow you to target customer journeys more effectively. Below is a list of the current campaign types, what event triggers them, and some guidance on using them.

Campaign TypeTriggerRecommendations
New App SignupWhen a customer signs into your app for the first time.Once a customer is an app user they tend to order more often and have higher ticket averages. Consider an offer generous enough to entice customers to download your app.
Lapsed CustomersWhen a customer has gone twice as long as normal without visiting (10 day minimum). This is specific to each customer and based on their own purchase history.Customers that are starting to fall out of their typical spending patterns are key targets for keeping sales up long term and not losing growth to a "leaky bucket". 
Lost CustomersWhen a customer who has previously made an order doesn't visit for 90 days. Lost customers will typically be the largest bulk of your entire customer base. Winning back even a small percentage of these customers can have a big effect over time. Consider a very generous offer to restart a spending cycle.
Product PromotionsProducts are included on the home screen and during checkout within the "you might also like" recommendation slideshow. Configure up to 3 products to promote and compare their total sales to the incremental sales.
If you've got high margin products or supplemental products that contribute to higher ticket averages promote them here.

How will my customers receive these offers?

Automated campaigns will send just like blast campaigns and show up in their mobile app inbox and be redeemable at checkout through the app. As of now all automated campaigns are sent at the beginning of each day.

Product promotions do not send an inbox message. Products are promoted during checkout or on the home screen of your mobile app. 

How can I see reporting on these offers?

Basic reporting for Sent / Opened / and Redeemed metrics can be seen right here on the automated campaigns page. For more detailed reporting on $ value of redemptions and more, use the discount report in your reports tab.