There is an easy way to change the settings on the POS.

1. Open the sidebar menu in the Crisp app.

2. At the bottom, tap "Settings".

The settings available here are split into two major groups: Device Settings & Store Settings

Device Settings
These are configurations that will effect only the device you are using.

Device Type

Select the "Custom" option to have complete control over this devices tip, payment method, and Rules settings.

There are three other preset options you can choose from:
Walk In Station: Allows all payment methods

Linebuster Station: Removes cash as a payment method. It also will prevent this device from marking tickets "Picked Up" and clearing them from the kitchen. Displays the tip screen and ask for a signature.

KDS/Expo: Use this option to have the device automatically open to the last used KDS or Expo screen on login.

Linked Register: When taking cash payments this is the "register" that will expect that cash. This is important for cash drops.

Linked Printer: This is the receipt printer that device will use.

Linked Payment Terminal: This is the payment terminal that device will use.

Do note that if using a mobile swiper that connects through the headphone jack the "linked payment terminal" setting should be switched to *none*

Payment Methods

You can enable/disable each payment method available from here.
Note that your device type must be set to Custom to alter these options


Here you can alter order flows for this device. 

Always show PICKUP button or Order Overview: This option will allow orders to be marked complete from the Order Overview screen. Marking order Picked-Up  removes the order from the Kitchen and Expo screens as well.

Always show COMPLETE button on EXPO: This option allows the Expo station to mark orders as completed before the kitchen has marked them order as done. When orders are marked complete by the Expo they are cleared from the kitchen.

Collect Car Info on Drive-Thru Orders: Presents the cashier with options to select car type and color when collecting loyalty information. This is useful for split lane drive-thrus or stores heavily utilizing line-busters. 

This option is only presented when placing orders in the Drive-Thru room.

Default Room: Select the Room you'd like this device to default to when opening the Order Overview screen.

Show Tip Screen: Shows a tip screen when paying with Credit/Debit

Collect Signature on Tip Screen: Presents a tip screen that will collect a signature on Credit/Debit sales, useful for easing tip interactions.


From here you can turn this device into a CFD (Customer Facing Display) or connect a CFD to this device. Simply follow the instructions on screen to connect the two devices. 

To turn the device into a SSK (Self - Service Kiosk) simply tap the "Enter SSK" button

To exit CFD or SSK mode, tap repeatedly in the top right corner of the screen when not actively ordering until you return to the login screen.

Store Settings

These settings will effect the operation of the entire store rather than just the device you are making the changes from. 

Online Ordering

Store is available for online orders: This option will allow you to temporarily close your store for online orders. Customers will still be able to place online orders for the next day (or the next day you are open). Online orders will automatically turn on the next morning. To close your store for longer periods create an hour exception.

Earliest Pickup Time for normal orders: This is the soonest customers will be able to place orders for pickup. This setting also controls how far in advance orders will print to your kitchen. For example: If you set your Earliest Pickup Time to 20 minutes, a customer placing an order at 6pm would see 6:20 as their earliest time. If an order is placed for pickup at 6:50, the order will print in your kitchen at 6:30.

Earliest Pickup Time for large orders: Works identically to normal pickup times, but applies to orders that include more than 10 items. 

Here you can set the tip options customers will be presented with for both in-store and online orders. You can add 3 tip options using percentages, or dollar amounts. Selecting the radio button next to the option will preselect the amount on the tip screen that is presented to customers.