You can now toggle your store's online ordering on and off on your own! This should be only be used in urgent cases in which you are unable to complete any more online orders. 

Where do I toggle it off/on?

You are only able to toggle Online Ordering off and on in-store, directly from the POS.

Open up your POS → open the sidebar menu → scroll to the very bottom → click "settings" → toggle "Online Ordering" off/on.

The toggle does not say off/on, it says "Disable Online Ordering"(OFF) and "Store is available for online orders"(ON). See image below.

How long should it take to work?

The change should take effect within just a few minutes. If Online Ordering is still not on/off after 20 minutes, please contact support.

What happens when it gets toggled off?

When online ordering is disabled it will cause your store to be displayed as CLOSED on your brand's mobile app and/or Online Order Website. However, customers will still be able to place orders through these channels, with the earliest pickup time being when you open the next day.

How long will it stay off?

Online Ordering will automatically be re-enabled the following morning. If you are wanting to turn Online Ordering off permanently or until a later date please change your hours of operation instead.

NOTE: This feature is locked behind a permission "Can enable/disable online ordering". It is only accessible by an admin, owner, or manager if the permission has been set and requires v1.14.25 or higher of the Crisp POS app. If you are not up to date on your App Version, please go to this link and update before continuing.