It is possible to mark both products and modifiers out of stock from your Crisp POS app.

Marking modifiers and products out of stock will disable them as options on your POS, Online Ordering, and for 3rd party providers when using 3rd party integrations.

These options are found under Management > Stock in the side navigation of the POS app.

You'll also find your configured Stock Rules here

How does this look for online ordering?

In your mobile App and Web ordering, out of stock products will not be selectable and will be noticeably greyed out.

Acai Bowl is out of stock

Jalapenos are out of stock

How does this look for third party providers?

Both Doordash and UberEats remove the products or modifiers from the menu rather than greying them out. It is therefor possible that customers can order products without realizing certain ingredients are not available. 

When updating stock, changes are apparent in your online ordering as well as on 3rd party platforms in near-real time.