It is possible to mark a product out of stock from your POS.
This will disable the option on your POS and for Online Ordering

1. Open the side navigation of your POS
2. Under the Management tab, select Stock

3. This will open a page with your products listed.
4. Select the product you wish to mark out of stock.
5. This will open a page with a few options.
6. From this page you can set a limited quantity for an item and your POS & Online Ordering will keep track of how many you sell. If your quantity reaches 0, the product will be marked out of stock.

7. You can also hit Out of Stock to immediately mark the item out of stock. 

8. Out of stock items will appear at the top of your stock page with a (0) next to them.
9. To mark a product back in stock select it and hit unlimited or set a specific quantity.

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