Before beginning this article, make sure to read the "Menu Management: Basic Step-by-Step" article.

This article will go over a few advanced settings that you can use to enhance your menu.

Arranging: You can arrange products within a product group by pressing "Arrange". The boxes will start to wiggle and you can drag and drop them. When you are finished press "Stop Arranging"

Advanced Product Name: You can change the name of a product to have a "Company Name" and a "Customer Name". 

- "Company Name" : A shortened version of the products full name used to find products quickly. This also come in handy on your KDS (Kitchen Display Screen) when you don't want to fill the screen with a long name. 

- "Customer Name" : The full name of the item that a customer will see when ordering online or on a SSK (Self Service Kiosk)

Advanced Product Price: You can change the price of a product per product category to reflect pricing in different menus. 

- "Default Price" : What the base price of the products is.

-There will be a different section for each additional menu you have. You can change the price individually there.


Nesting: You can also NEST a product under another product (also known as the parent product). Nesting products allows for 1 extra level of selection options. It is mainly used to help organize the menu even more.

Example: When I click into the Product Category "Desserts" on my POS it will pull up a "Parent Product" called "Cookies". If I click on "Cookies" I will see all cookie flavors.

Group Settings: 

-"Exclude from Sales Reporting" : Any products within these reporting groups will be excluded from Sales Reporting.

-"Exclude from Loyalty" : Any products within these reporting groups will be excluded from earning loyalty points/credit.

-"Book Keeping Ref" : This is what you would like the group to be referred to when book keeping.

If you have further questions, reach out to Crisp Support.