My Account

As an employee My Account is where you can come to view personal information as well as make requests.

Profile Page
Here you can view your:
1. Hours worked/week
2. POS pincode for each store

You can view and edit your:
1. Availability
2. Personal Information

Schedule Page
Note: Currently picking up open shifts and sending trade requests are not available. These options will become available in the near future.

View My Schedule to see your scheduled shifts, you can also:
1. Open a shift: Not currently available This allows other employees with your same job to pickup that shift. Once they've picked up a shift it becomes their responsibility.
2. Make a trade request: Not currently available  You can offer to trade a shift with your co-workers. We'll walk you through selecting co-workers and shifts that are available. Notice that you can select multiple shifts that you are willing to pick up, but your trade partner will only select one of those shifts to trade with you.

Requests Page
Here you can view the status of and make time offavailability, and shift trade requests.

1. TIme off: Hit the add button and select time off. You can request one day or multiple days off.
Fill out these forms and we'll send a request to your manager.

2. Availability: These are the times you are available to be scheduled. Fill out this form and we'll send a request to your manager.

You can come back to this page to check on the status of your requests. If you make a request and don't immediately see it show up, try refreshing the page.