This article is what you should do after you have downloaded the Crisp app, if you haven't downloaded the Crisp app yet, please refer to this article:

Setting Up a New iPad

  1. You will first need to open the Apple Settings app.

  1. Once you've opened the app click on the WiFi button and make sure you're connected to the Crisp Wifi (CRISP-[STOREID]) - each WiFi is different according to your store ID

Once connected, you can quit out of settings and go into the Crisp App. Once in the Crisp app, log in with your Pin code, when you are in follow the directions below to select the receipt printer, payment device, and register you want to associate your device with. 

1. Open the sidebar menu in the Crisp app.

2. At the bottom, tap "Settings".

The most important ones to keep in mind are:

A. Linked Register - When taking cash payments this is the "register" that will expect that cash. This is important for cash drops.

B. Linked Printer - This is the receipt printer that device will use.

C. Linked Payment Terminal - This is the payment terminal that device will use.

Do note that if using a mobile swiper that connects through the headphone jack the "linked payment terminal" setting should be switched to *none*

3. Select the "Station Type" for the device you are using (Walk in, Linebuster, KDS/Expo).

Walk in
will have the normal order flow.

Linebuster will remove the cash payment option (cash should not be taken on Linebusters in the drive thru) and has a different tip flow.

KDS/Expo will cause the device to automatically default to the KDS/Expo screen after logging in.

Anytime a tablet is going to be moved to a different station or used in a different way, the settings need to be adjusted.