My Label Printer Isn't Working

The most common fix to this is simply opening and closing the lid to the printer. If you do this and it still is not working, the following steps will help you get it back up and running:

  1. Please check to ensure that the printer labels have been inserted correctly (feeding from the bottom).
  2. Check that there are no labels jammed anywhere in the printer.
  3. Check that the label sensors are not covered in anyway (there are 2 plastic parts on the inside of the printer, these are the sensors)
  4. Check that the printer cables are properly connect.
  5. Try turning the printers off, then on again. This can be done with the power switch, or by unplugging the cable then plugging it back in.
  6. If you've gone through these steps and it still isn't working, please scroll down to the "Calibrating Label Printers" section and follow those steps.

Tips & Tricks - Wanna Become a Pro?

Peeling Labels Off

When peeling the labels off of the liner, you should know a few things before you start tearing away and putting them on drinks or products!

  1. Be Careful! - being violent or tearing labels off really close to the sensor will likely cause it to jam. Especially with that very first label that prints super close to the sensor, using extra caution when peeling will reduce errors and increase consistency!
  1. Peel From the Middle, Not the Side - Peeling the label from the middle, not the side, helps to ensure a smooth peel. See the picture to the right for reference!
  1. Don’t Tug on the Labels! - If you tug or pull the liner excessively while peeling, the likelihood of the printer jamming will go up.  

If your printer is jamming often, it’s likely the way that you are peeling the labels.  Please train your employees to peel it in a way that doesn’t mess with the sensor or cutter.

Putting Paper Into the Printer

The labels have to be put in a certain way in order for the printer to work, please see the pictures below for reference:

  1. Make sure the labels are coming off the top of the roll
  2. Make sure the labels are facing out as the paper comes out of the printer
  3. The labels print upside down when they come out of the printer. This is normal!  This means you've put the paper in the right way

Calibrating Label Printers

Here are the steps to calibrate your printer to the specific paper you are using:

  1. Turn off printer
  2. Open paper door
  3. Hold the 'Feed' button on the inside
  4. While holding the feed button, turn on the printer until both orange lights illuminate
  5. Press the 'Feed' button 6 times
  6. Close door with paper correctly in place

Label Printers - Factory Reset (If all troubleshooting fails)

After you've gone through all troubleshooting processes and recalibration steps, the last resort is the following:

  1. Turn the printer off
  2. With a small sharp object (tip of pen or pin) press the button below and hold. (found underneath printer)
  1. While holding the reset button, turn the printer on and continue holding until warning labels print.
  2. Once warning label prints, you can let go of the rest button. Do not touch until the printer prints an IP address label.
  3. Once you have the IP address label, contact Crisp to finish the reset process. 801-503-0032.