Here is a rundown on how to use the scheduling tool in the most effective way possible.

Overview Screen

This is your main menu for scheduling - this will show a list of locations and you can filter which store you want by using the "All Stores" dropdown shown above.  If you click on one of these stores, it will go directly into your schedule.

Schedule Builder Screen

Overview Button - This button allows you to go back to the main menu where you will see a summary of all your stores.  Just put the mouse over the Overview button and click away.

Week Toggle - These buttons allow you to switch back and forth between the weeks that you want to schedule for.  Just click the arrows for the direction that you want to go.

Scenario Dropdown - This is where you choose from all the different scenarios you have made.  When you click on them they will automatically populate into your schedule for that week.  Go ahead, give it a try!  If you haven't made a scenario yet, nothing will be there, these will only populate when you make a scenario.

Add a Shift Button - This button is used if you want to manually add a shift.  If you click this button, it will ask for a job type, an employee, and what time their shift is. All you need to do is fill it in.

Help Button - Click this button to get help on what the types of colors mean when they pop up on your schedule.  You can resolve issues accordingly as they come up.


This is the Scenarios menu! You can see an overview of all the scenarios in this menu here!  If you haven't made any scenarios, this will only show your stores on here and the "+ Add Scenario" button!  Click "Add Scenario" to go ahead and get started! 

Creating A Scenario

Scenario Name - This is where you name this scenario. Examples Include "Ideal Week" or "Fall Semester", etc. You can name your scenarios however they best fit your store.

Add A Shift Button - This is how you add a shift to the day. Press this button to get started.

Position Column - This column requires you to assign a "Job" or "Position" to the shift. This way you can pick from all the Shift Leads or Team Members that you want working during this time.

Multiplier Column - If you have five of the same shift, you better believe we aren't going to make you click five times and type the same thing.  Save yourself some time and get it done with the multiplier column.

Employee Column - This is the column where you assign employees. You can either leave it blank because it's a scenario, or if you have the same people working the same shift every week, go ahead and assign someone to already be there every time you pick this scenario! 

Shift Time - Here you can adjust what times their shift starts and ends.

Delete Shift Button - Press this button to delete a shift you didn't want to make.

Copy From Button - Use this button to easily copy a whole day's shifts to the next day.  This makes scheduling quick and easy as you can copy and paste your previous day's schedule to the next for weekdays and weekends.  Just simply choose which day you want to copy and it will automatically populate for you.

Save - When you're all done, go ahead and press SAVE to make sure all your hard work doesn't go to waste.

Please refer back to the Schedule Builder Screen Section in order to go assign your scenarios to specific weeks.

Requests Screen

The requests screen allows you to approve or deny your employees requests for time off and for new availability. Take control of your team by monitoring when they work and take time off.

Time Off Requests - This is what a request looks like when they will ask for time off. You're able to see details on the reason, the date range, etc. Clicking the deny or approve button will notify the employee of your response. 

New Availability Requests - This is what new availability requests look like. You will be able to see when the employee is asking to be assigned. You are able to deny it if they set their schedule to anything that you don't like.

Approve All Button - Save yourself some time by clicking the approve all button.

Time Clock Screen

Time Clock is a summary of all of your employees' shifts, here you can make edits to, approve, deny certain shifts that your employees are submitting. Staying on top of this screen will ensure your employees are clocking in and out correctly.

Payroll Screen

Here you can run payroll reports and see a breakdown of labor costs, hours worked, etc. This is designed to help you run payroll!