Our scheduling tool is the best way to manage your team effectively. Here are the features available and the advantages of using the tool.

  • Schedule employees based on submitted availability and time off
  • Create weekly scenarios to fill in automatically
  • Swap shifts
  • View the weekly and daily schedules
  • Track hours on the POS time clock
  • Show predicted labor percentage based on predicted sales
  • View and download payroll reports

Overview Screen

This is your main menu for scheduling - this will show a list of locations and you can filter which store you want by using the "All Stores" dropdown shown above.  If you click on one of these stores, it will go directly into your schedule.

Schedule Builder Screen

Day View:

Week View:

Overview Button 

  • This button allows you to go back to the main menu where you will see a summary of all your stores.  

Week Toggle

  • These buttons allow you to switch back and forth between the weeks that you want to schedule for. 

Scenario Dropdown

  • This is where you choose from different scenarios that have been created. 

Add a Shift Button

  • This button is used if you want to manually add a shift.  If you click this button, it will ask for a job type, an employee, and what time their shift is. 


You can see an overview of all the scenarios here, if you haven't made any scenarios, this will only show your stores and the "+ Add Scenario" button.


Creating A Scenario

Scenario Name

  • Examples Include "Ideal Week" or "Fall Semester".

Position Column

  • This column requires you to assign a "Job" or "Position" to the shift. This way you can pick from all the Shift Leads or Team Members that you want working during this time.

Multiplier Column

  • If you have multiple of the same shift, press this button to repeat it. 

Employee Column

  • Employees with the job title selected will drop down. 

Shift Time

  • Here you can adjust what time shifts begin and end.

Delete Shift Button

  • Press this button to delete a shift you didn't want to make.

Copy From Button

  • Use this button to easily copy a whole day's shifts to the next day. 

Requests Screen

The requests screen allows you to approve or deny your employees' requests for time off and new availability. Take control of your team by monitoring when they work and take time off.


  • "?" Button - Click this button to view a chart of what colors mean when they show up on your schedule.  

Time Clock and Payroll

Time Clock 

Time Clock is a summary of all of your employees' shifts, here you can make edits to, approve, and deny certain shifts that your employees are submitting. For more information see this article.


Here you can run payroll reports and see a breakdown of labor costs, hours worked, etc. For more information see this article.