You must have admin level permissions to create and edit jobs. Jobs are not created on a store level and any changes effect the entire brand.

Crisp support agents are not authorized to make permission changes. If you feel that permissions need to be adjusted please reach out to your companies admin team to make those changes.

Adding Jobs

Under each job group, you can create jobs for employees to be assigned to.

Jobs have three primary functions:

  • To define the permissions available for users
  • For labor reporting
  • Jobs are used for scheduling

If you have two types of cooks who should have the same permissions, but you want to schedule those jobs separately, you should create two different jobs.

Step by step

  • Navigate to Team > Team Members
  • In the top right, click the Add Job button
  • You can start from scratch, or copy permissions from another job‍

Once you have your jobs set up you can check out our Add/Edit Employee Profile article to begin giving your team access to the Crisp POS or Dashboard. 

Job Groups

Jobs are organized into job groups. These groups have access to different sets of permissions. Staff have the least and can only be assigned permissions to complete tasks on the POS.

Admins have the highest level of permissions and can do everything from editing corporate settings to configuring your mobile app.


  • Typically can make brand-wide level changes, such as corporate menus, admin settings, etc\


  • Typically have full, or very broad, permissions over one or more stores. But not brand level configurations


  • Typically have a fair amount of permissions for in-store operations and running payroll etc.


  • Typically have very few permissions related only to in-store operations on the POS. 

Permission Definitions

Each job is defined by its permission set.

As noted in that article, the four job groups have different sets of possible permissions. This breakdown provides a description of each permission.

Displaying small? We recommend downloading the .pdf.