Job Groups

Structuring your workforce is an important part of growing and operating your restaurant at scale.

In the Crisp system there are 4 job groups which jobs can be assigned to.

  • Admins
  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Staff

These groups have access to different sets of permissions. Staff have the least and can only be assigned permissions to complete task on the POS.

Admins have the highest level of permissions and can do everything from editing corporate settings to configuring your mobile app.

Possible permissions for jobs in the Staff Job Group

Possible Permissions for Admin Group

Adding Jobs

Under each job group you can create jobs for employees to be assigned to.
By having Admins set this job structure and all stores follow it you can more easily break down labor cost into each group and discover insights and details that go unnoticed in fragmented workforce structures.

Simply select the "Add Job" Button and define the permissions for that job. 

Things to keep in mind for creating jobs:

Jobs have two primary functions:

  • To define the permissions available for users
  • Jobs are used for scheduling

If you have two types of cooks who should have the same permissions, but you want to schedule them differently, you should create two jobs for this.

Once you have your jobs set up you can check out our "Add employee/user profile" article to get your team loaded into the dashboard.