Below are a list of contact emails and their uses. If you are unsure of who to contact for an issue, please default to chatting or emailing our support team and they will assist in directing you to the proper contact.

All email response times are expected to be within 1 business day of initial contact

The support email handles issues/requests nearly identical to our support chat (these can be found here as well). These may include, but are not limited to:

  • If you are having a non-emergent issue at your store or on our software.
  • Integration requests for third party software
  • Feature Requests for our software

  • Requesting new hardware.
  • If requesting a replacement for faulty hardware, please still go through support so they can try to get it working again to save you money.
  • Check on shipping for new hardware
  • Inquiring about pricing of hardware

  • Beginning the process of opening a new store
  • Transferring store ownership/changing the deposit account for a store
  • Ordering new batches of gift cards
  • This also includes inquiring about the status of said gift cards
  • Updating the gift card design for your brand
  • Setting up royalty accounts

The launch email is mainly used as a dedicated support line for stores that have received hardware and have already gone through our onboarding process but have not yet opened. Examples include:

  • Clearing any confusion with setting up hardware
  • Your store is having issues with hardware/software in testing
  • Configuring internal settings for your store
  • Enabling your store online on launch day.
  • Handling any issues that may occur on launch day
  • Beyond your launch day, please contact Support

  • Questions about contracts or requests for copy of contract
  • Request to update billing email address
  • Anything regarding hardware invoices and needing to pay those