Crisp and DoorDash have partnered to make managing DoorDash orders straight from your Crisp POS easier than ever. 

DoorDash embedded actions can be accessed from any DoorDash order that flows through your DoorDash integration. Currently these actions allow you to:

1. Contact Customers
DoorDash will connect you with customers via a phone call to your store

2. Contact Dashers
DoorDash will connect you with Dashers via a phone call to your store

3. Track Dashers
See where your Dasher is at with a map view 

4. Rate or Block Dashers
Let DoorDash know how Dashers are doing or block them from receiving orders to your store.

Watch the video below to learn more about using DoorDash embedded actions from your Crisp POS.

You'll need to have an active DoorDash POS integration to use these features. If you're looking to set up your integration, review this article: Doordash POS Integration