Schedule Section

In the schedule section, your employees can view schedule-related info. 

Their specific schedule can be viewed in the My Shifts tab, their whole team’s schedule in the All Shifts tab, and available shifts to pick up in the Available tab. 

Employees can also view shift details as well as trade or open their shifts by tapping on a shift. 

Note: Employees will automatically see the schedule for every store they work at. They can filter which store they are viewing using the filter icon at the top of the schedule section if they want to see the schedule for a specific store. 

Requests Section

The requests section is where all existing requests are organized. 

Employees can submit and manage their unavailability on the Unavailability page, view their sent and received trade requests on the Trades page, and view their dropped and picked-up shifts on the Open Shifts page. 

Each request will have a progress meter that updates in real-time, showing employees when a peer and manager have accepted or denied a request. 

Note: Trading and opening shifts takes place from the schedule section, within the shift information screen.

Work Section

In the work section, employees can view their hours, shifts worked, and their next shift. 

More Section

Employees can also manage their profile information and pins as well as access helpful resources from the more section.