Exporting payroll reports

Configurations for payroll

Employee ID's, reference numbers, Payroll ID's

  • Add a reference number to employees on their employee profile
  • These reference numbers should be unique per employee and will be included in your payroll export

Tip Split Method

  • You can choose from 3 options for how tips will be paid out - Pool and split by day, Pool and split by hour, cashier keeps tips. You can learn more about these options and how to set them in this article.

Start Day of week

  • Set the start day of week for overtime calculations according to FLSA standards. You can learn more about this option and how to set it in this article.

Exports for specific Payroll providers


Needed configurations for an ADP export:

  • Company Code (can be shared between multiple stores)
  • Payroll ID (unique to each store)
  • Employee Reference number (unique to each employee)

Needed configurations at time of export:

  • Pay Date (this should correspond to whatever pay date schedule you have in ADP
  • Payroll Cycle (this should be unique per year - ADP should have a payroll cycle schedule you can review)

Further learning

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