Crisp offers a suite of tools to help you calculate and transfer your corporate fees as well as managing a corporate gift card program. There are a few key concepts to keep in mind for all of these.

1. Stores are automatically provisioned for this service when they set up their merchant processing accounts. The account used for credit card deposits will also be used for these transfers or deposits.

2. We will automatically create invoices for all of the transfers you make. These are always available to store owners through their Crisp dashboard and we will also email them these invoices at the time of transfer.

3. You can set up between 1-3 bank accounts for these transfers. There are benefits to separating your royalty, brand development, and gift card pooling accounts as this makes reconciliation and auditing much easier. 




Royalty and Brand Development Fees

Gift Card Pooling

This is a simplified visual of how corporate gift card pooling works:

Digital wallets are a feature of your mobile app that allow customers to buy digital gift cards as well as reload a balance on their app. These "gift card" purchases are not assigned to a store and are deposited directly into the corporate gift card account. 

Learn more here: Digital Gift Cards and App Wallet