This is a Beta feature and may not yet be available at your store. Please do not attempt to use Offline Payment Mode without speaking with Crisp Support first.

What is it: Forced offline mode instructs the payment devices to always authorize the payment instantly, without communicating with the payment processor.

When to use: If you notice payments taking a long time to process and all devices it probably means that internet quality is degraded, but the internet is not completely gone. Offline Payments Mode will temporarily cut all access to the internet so these devices quit trying (and failing) to send payments off for processing.

Note that ONLY payment devices will be forced offline. All other online features, such as accepting online orders, chatting with support, and syncing data to your Crisp dashboard will remain intact.

Downside: Since payments are not checked online with the payment processor, it could happen that the payment is declined when it gets processed. The card could end up having no balance, be blocked or reported stolen etc. The important this to remember is that when in Offline mode you have no guarantee of actually getting money from the payments being run.

IMPORTANT: Forced Offline Payments is a last-resort feature. Don't make it standard practice to use and be sure to turn it off again at the end of day. The longer payments are kept on the device, the bigger the chance that they will fail.

Turning Offline Payments Mode ON

On the POS login screen, enter pin 99999 (5 times 9). You will get the following notification.

Every once in a while, you will be reminded by the system that you are in offline mode with notifications telling you how many offline payments are stored on the payment devices.

Turning Offline Payments Mode OFF

On the POS login screen, enter pin 99999 (5 times 9). You will get the following notification.

The payment devices will start sending any offline payments stored on the payment devices. This could take a while, so don’t worry if the number doesn’t drop quickly.

Failed Payments

As mentioned, it is possible that some payments fail when they are sent off. You will see a line-item in your Accounting Report called "Failed Payments". You may need to regenerate those accounting reports if you have been having internet problems for an extended period.