*You must have a Uber Eats Merchant account configured to use this option.

*We recommend having an Uber tablet to track drivers, cancel orders, and more.

What is it?

The Crisp + Uber Eats POS integration will automatically ingest Uber Eats orders into your POS system.
This integration has two major benefits.

1. Operational simplicity
Don't wast employee time converting orders from your Uber Eats tablet into your Crisp POS app. With this integration orders will behave like pickup orders placed through your app or website, automatically flowing to your KDS at your configured prep time.

2. Reporting Accuracy
By removing employee error when translating orders into the POS, or missing Uber Eats reporting altogether, you can more easily reconcile your third party orders right in your Crisp Dashboard.

Set Up Instructions

Go to your dashboard under
Store > Overview > Select your store > Settings > Integrations > UberEats POS

Follow the link here to connect your Uber Account to your Crisp store. We will attempt to automatically link your store and set your integration active. It is possible we will manually link your store and may take up to 48 hours for the integration to become active.

You'll be able to enter a price increase for your Uber menu here. Products will be rounded to the nearest 5¢ for a clean menu look. Modifiers will not be rounded. 


You should get a success message after following this link, if you do not get the message or if Crisp support informs you that we do not have access to your account. Try the following steps.

1. Make sure you are logging into Uber with the account listed as an Admin in your Uber Eats merchant Portal.
You can find users by navigating to your Uber Merchant Portal, then on the left side of the page click the option for Users. 
Only admins can provide permissions to integrate UberEats, make sure that you are not logging in with an account that only has Staff or Manager permissions.

In the above example this user with a manager role would not be able to set this integration to active.

2. If you are sure that you are logging in with an admin account and Crisp informs you that we still do not have your UberEats information, please initiate a support ticket with UberEats and the Crisp support team will work with them to get your integration set up.