*You must have a Uber Eats Merchant account configured to use this option.

*We recommend having an Uber tablet to track drivers, cancel orders, and more.

What is it?

The Crisp + Uber Eats POS integration will automatically ingest Uber Eats orders into your POS system.
This integration has two major benefits.

1. Operational simplicity
Don't wast employee time converting orders from your Uber Eats tablet into your Crisp POS app. With this integration orders will behave like pickup orders placed through your app or website, automatically flowing to your KDS at your configured prep time.

2. Reporting Accuracy
By removing employee error when translating orders into the POS, or missing Uber Eats reporting altogether, you can more easily reconcile your third party orders right in your Crisp Dashboard.

Set Up Instructions

Uber Eats Link

By following the link above you'll be asked to give Crisp permission to integrate with all of the stores tied to your 

account. You don't have to integrate every store, but you'll want to sign into Uber with an account that has access 

to all stores. If each store is managed separately, you'll need to follow that link while signing in as each of the 

account holders for those stores. 

Once you've granted permission by following the link please reach out to Crisp support via email at support@crispnow.com or using the support chat. 

Your integration will not be activated until you've informed support that you are ready to integrate. They'll be able to confirm with you that your store is set up correctly.