Menu Displays on the Corporate Level

Menu Displays can be adjusted both from the Corporate level and from the Store level. At the Corporate level, you can create a New Series, which is comprised of one or more images that your Display will cycle through. 



Select New Series

Step 1 - Select New Series

  • First type in a name for this new series. From here you're able to see a few options to choose from. For this walk-through, we'll only go over the "Pages option. If you have any questions regarding Video or Dynamic Loop please reach out to our support team through the support chat, or by emailing
  • After selecting Pages, scroll down until you see Landscape and Portrait. Landscape refers to menu boards that are horizontally oriented, or wider than they are long. Portrait refers to menu boards that are vertically oriented, or longer than they are wide. Select the one that matches your Display orientation, then press Enter Designer

Step 2 - Defining your New Series

  • After pressing Enter Designer, you'll be on a new page, and within the Settings category. Here, we can adjust the amount of time it spends on one image before transitioning to the next, the type of transition, and whether it's quick, or smooth. After you're finished here, select Pages

  • Within Pages you'll see Page 1 already added. Press the Trash icon to delete it, or the Pencil icon to edit it. After pressing the Pencil icon, you'll see a smaller version of the camera image on the right hand side, with another Pencil icon below it. Select that Pencil icon to upload an image for Page 1. Pressing the Add Page button will add Page 2, 3, and so on. 
  • Once you have your pages created with your menu images uploaded, select the Stores button at the top right, next to Settings, and Pages. Within Stores you can select which of your stores you would like this new series to be available at. Select the stores, then select save to finalize your new series.

Step 3 - Applying Your New Series at the Store level

  • After finalizing your New Series and pushing it to your desired locations, go to the directory on the left and hover over Displays once more, but this time we'll select Stores. Within this page you'll see Overview, SSK & CFD, and Menu Boards. Within Overview, you can scroll through the list or use the search bar to find the store you want to adjust the menu displays of. 
  • Select the store, which will switch it from Overview to SSK & CFD. Instead, select Menu Displays. Within this page you'll see the Menu Displays that have been configured in-store and are ready to have images displayed on them. 
  • Select one of them and you'll be taken to a page similar to the one we were working with at the Corporate level. There are two options, Settings and Pages. Within Settings you can define that display's name, whether you're selecting from Landscape or Portrait, and the orientation of the screen, which is defined when configuring the Pi to the TV in our other Displays article. 
  • Select either Landscape or Portrait, depending on what you selected when you created your new series. It should now show your new series within the Available Menu Boards list below, select it and press the Save Changes button. It may take 5-10 minutes for it to register the change on your Display. 

That's all you'll need to know to create your first series on the Corporate level, and then implement it at the Store level.

If you have any questions or issues following this process, please reach out to our support team as mentioned above either through our support chat, or by emailing them at

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