Payments made with credit cards are securely passed through Adyen and paid out to your bank account on a schedule. You can review the deposit schedule here.

Once deposits have been made to your account you can review them by going to Data Center > Reports and selecting Deposits from the report type dropdown.

select Deposits from the dropdown list on the reports page

You can further filter by specific stores and date ranges. Do keep in mind that deposit records will only show once they have posted to your bank account.

You can click on a deposit record and it will expand to show you additional details:

At the top of the expanded details you will see summary details. In this example we are seeing that this deposit was initiated on August 14th, and includes the money for credit card transactions on August 12th. Some deposits include payments from multiple days. 

The bottom part of the report is granular detail on each transaction included in the payout.

Fees are represented here so you can understand your merchant processing cost. Fees are not deducted from deposits, but are collected at the beginning of each month for the previous month. So your August merchant processing fees will be collected at the beginning of September.