What Is Onboarding

At Crisp, we believe that your launch day is one of the most important days of your business, as well as ours. In order to have a successful onboarding experience and launch day it is important that you know what to expect from the onboarding process and team. It is also important that you know what we expect from you.

Crisp will take care of providing you with everything you need for the system - equipment, training, and support. It is your responsibility (corporate) to make sure that new store owners and franchisees understand why you have chosen Crisp, and to answer any questions they may have regarding the Crisp contracts/fees.

In order to begin store onboarding, please email onboarding@crispnow.com.  The Onboarding Team will help you begin the new store setup. Please provide the following information in the email sent to onboarding

  • Location Name
  • Store Address
  • Owners Full Name
  • Owners Email
  • Tentative Launch Date

Once onboarding has received this email they will send you an invite to our onboarding software that will guide you through the entire onboarding process step by step.

From beginning to end, the Crisp onboarding process takes a minimum of four weeks to complete. This time frame includes all merchant processing applications, menu building, system training, hardware procurement, configuration, and a timely install/launch. This process may be extended due to Installation/build delays at your location, supply chain issues with procuring equipment, merchant processing verification, lack of communications/failure to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner. 

The Onboarding Team is here to facilitate your merchant processing approval, hardware configuration and quality check, and make sure installation and launch day runs smoothly. The team is available for installations Tuesday - Thursday (9AM - 5PM) unless an appointment has been made ahead of time. Installs and launches on weekends or evenings will need to be scheduled in advance. Outside of hours you may reach onboarding at onboarding@crispnow.com. Calls after hours will be responded to the next business day. After your store is launched, you will reach out to the Crisp Support Team via email (support@crispnow.com) or chat (through the Crisp application) for assistance. You may contact the emergency helpline ( 385-317-4006 ) if you are unable to take payments. Please read through this document to learn what to expect during the launch process, and how to avoid launch delays.

What To Expect

Onboarding requires 
a minimum of four weeks. 

We have a dedicated team to assist you with the following:

  • Paperwork questions

  • System training

  • Equipment configuration

  • In-office hardware testing

  • Equipment placement

  • In-store testing

  • Launch!

We Will Ensure That

  • You have all the network equipment and POS hardware that you need to use Crisp successfully in your store.

  • Everything is working correctly and test payments are run before you go live.

  • You have the proper training to utilize the Crisp system. Training will need to be scheduled in advance with an onboarding specialist.

  • You have the support you need during your equipment installation and launch day.

Things That Affect Launch Timelines

  • How quickly you return the DocuSign contracts (hardware cannot be configured until this is done and merchant processing is approved).

  • Hardware inventory (some items have a longer lead time due to the global chip shortage crisis).

  • The onboarding schedule (if the onboarding schedule is very heavy it may take additional time for things to be processed).

What You Need

Nobody likes delays! 

Please be prepared to provide the following information when you begin onboarding a new store:

  • Contact info for the store owner, including home address

  • Contact info for any secondary store owners

  • Last four digits of social security number

  • New/existing store address

  • Proof of bank account using one of the following:

    • Voided check with business entity name on it

    • Official letter from the bank with business name, account number, and routing number (signed, on bank letterhead)

You will need to provide the following equipment for your store:

  • Cash drawers. If the new store requires a cash drawer they can purchase one. We recommend this product: https://www.amazon.com/CashDrawer/dp/B01LWT5IOP/

  • Receipt and Label Paper. https://help.crispnow.com/support/solutions/articles/48001183178-purchasing-receipt-and-label-paper

  • Internet. Crisp provides a network but you must have internet in the store.

  • Ethernet Cables. Crisp sends you all the equipment needed, configured wirelessly. If you need long ethernet cables to connect items in your store it is your responsibility to provide them.

  • IPads. You will need one for every register, Self Service Kiosk, and Customer Facing Display. You may also use an iPad as a Kitchen Display Screen OR you can purchase a large display from Crisp.

To Avoid Delays

Nobody likes delays! Please note the following

  • No equipment can be configured until you return the completed DocuSign contracts. All requested information must be entered on the applications and uploaded correctly otherwise there will be delays

  • No hardware will be shipped until at least one member of your team has completed Crisp University. 

  • The name on your voided business check must match the entity name on your merchant processing application, otherwise additional verification will be necessary and there will be delays.

  • Once the application is complete, merchant processing can take up to a week to be approved.

  • Hardware procurement for your setup may take up to six weeks due to global supply chain issues. Hardware takes a minimum of one week to be configured and tested in the Crisp office. 

  • Short notice of upcoming launches or lack of communication regarding an upcoming launch will not result in a streamlined launch timeline. You must communicate and work with the Onboarding Team regarding your launch date.

  • Calls made regarding onboarding issues after 5 PM and on weekends will not be received unless a prior appointment has been made.

  • If your launch day or install day changes and you do not notify your onboarding specialist, they will not be available when you call for assistance.

Please Remember

We get it - Unforeseen issues may delay your launch.

  • If you cannot make it to an appointment we expect you to let your specialist know. You can reach them by the phone number they provide to you, or by emailing the team at onboarding@crispnow.com

  • If your install or launch gets postponed for any reason, notify your onboarding specialist. They have set aside their day to be available for you. 

  • If your install or launch day changes and you do not notify your Onboarding Specialist, they will not be available when you call.

  • Billing for Crisp begins on your launch day. If you do not notify your onboarding specialist regarding launch and installation delays, your fees may be deducted from your account before your launch date. To prevent billing before your store is active, communicate with the onboarding team regarding any delays.

  • Do not reach out to the Crisp Support Team on or before launch day with any issues unless you have been specifically instructed to do so, or you have tried and are unable to contact your onboarding specialist. 

  • Once you are fully launched you will reach out to the Crisp Support Team for help with any issues that arise.

  • Any hardware that breaks within 90 days of your launch date may be replaced at the discretion of the support team after proper troubleshooting has been completed.

Your success is our success. It is our priority and mission to make sure that things go smoothly and that all issues and requests are clearly communicated and addressed in a timely manner. Email us if you are considering launching a store, and we will set up an appointment to talk about what happens next!

We value your feedback. If you have feedback from your experience with the Crisp Onboarding Team, please send your feedback to me at 
support@crispnow.com . 


Haven Winston 

VP of Operations