We are so excited to get you started with Crisp!

The onboarding process will be completed in 6 steps. You will have three meetings with an Onboarding Specialist to train you on your Crisp software and assist you in getting things configured and ready for your launch day.

Below is an outline of the steps you will need to complete in order to be ready for your launch day.


Meeting #1 (Covers steps 1 & 2)

  Step One:
    ❏ Legal Documents 

        - Unit Location Agreement 

        - Adyen Merchant Processing

    ❏ Pre-Install Requirements 

        - Ethernet and power outlets 

        - May need to hire an electrician

    ❏ Developer Accounts 

        - Admin Section on the Crisp Dashboard 

        - “Developer Accounts” 

        - Register for a DUNS number 

        - Apple Developer Account 

        - Organization not personal 

        - Google Play Account 

        - Send Admin invites to admin@crispnow.com


  Step Two:

    ❏ Corporate Onboarding 

        - Admin Section on the Crisp Dashboard 

        - All 6 sections to be filled out 

        -Add all employees

    ❏ Brand Assets 

        - SVG or AI file of logo emailed to onboarding@crispnow.com 

        - Hex codes for brand colors 

    ❏ Privacy Policy & Terms of Use 

        - Complete and link on website and/or social media account 

    ❏ Employee Data 

        - Add all employees to “Team Members” on Crisp Dashboard 

        - Have employees create accounts and view their pin 

Meeting #2 (Covers steps 3 & 4)


  Step Three:

    ❏ Hardware Scoping 

        -Fill out “Hardware Order” sheet with Onboarding Specialist 

    ❏ Menu Building 

        - Training/outlining with Onboarding Specialist 

        - Complete menu after training 

  Step Four:

     ❏ Loyalty & Gift Cards 

        - Confirm Loyalty Program 

        - Choose Gift Card design (provided by Crisp) 

        - Send Crisp past Loyalty and Gift Card information 

Meeting #3 (Covers steps 5 & 6)

  Step Five: 

    ❏ System Training & Store Settings 

        - Training with Onboarding Specialist 

        - It is your responsibility to train your employees 

        - Fill out Store Settings under each “Store Overview” 

    ❏ Hardware Install 

        - View “Crisp Installation Guide” and other documents 

        - Pick a time to install 

        - Email your Onboarding Specialist so they know when to be available for questions.

  Step Six:

    ❏ Launch 

        - Schedule a launch date 

        - Go live! 

Your Onboarding Specialist is available for any questions during the onboarding process and is best reached by email at onboarding@crispnow.com. Once you go live you will be directed to bring any questions or concerns to the Crisp Support team. View the “Support Expectations” document on help.crispnow.com.