Our Self Service Kiosk feature is available to run on any device that also runs the point of sale app.


For each self service kiosk, a payment device is required.

Step 1: Setup Static IP on your POS device

For an iPad, use the following steps

Go to Settings -> Wifi -> tap the circled i on the crisp wifi

Under "IPV4 Address", tap "Configure IP", and change from "Automatic" to "Manual"

Each device that is "Manually" set, should have a different IP Address, starting at For example, if we assign our first device to, the next device we configure a "Manual" IP Address on should be, then the next one, and so on. If two device are set to the same IP, both devices will have difficulty connecting to the internet, or may not work on the internet at all until a unique IP address is assigned to both devices.

Set the IP Address to (or other 192.168.14.x address as explained above)

Set the Subnet Mask to (this is always the same)

Set the Router to (this is always the same)

Tap "Save"

Now scroll down to the "DNS" tab.

Tab "Configure DNS", and change from "Automatic" to "Manual"

Tap "Add Server" and enter

Again Tap "Add Server" and enter

Tap "Save"

The static IP should be setup for this device now! Try visiting a web page in safari such as "fast.com" to confirm.

Step 2: Set POS device settings

With the Static IP set, we can now configure the POS settings that will remain for this SSK.

Open the Crisp POS App, Login with your pin code, Open the side Menu, Scroll to the bottom and tap "Settings"

Change the "Linked Register" to "SSK#". If you do not see this option, select another option that suits you.

Change "Linked Printer" to the receipt printer you wish to be attached to this SSK. If you do not want a printer, leave this set to "None", and customers will only be presented the "Email Receipt " or "No Receipt" options.

Change "Linked Payment Terminal" to the payment device that will be used for this SSK

Change "Default Room" to your desired room for these orders (Usually "Walk-in")

Now you can logout!

Step 3: Set the device to SSK mode.

With the Static (manual) IP set, the POS settings configured, and having logged out of your POS, you can now set the device to SSK mode!

Use the pincode "01077" to enter SSK mode.

Use the Dashboard Menu Management as seen in Step 5 of this help article to adjust any products you don't wish to have available through the SSK (such as Merchandise). If you need images uploaded/updated for corporate managed products, you will have to work with Corporate to get the Corporate Menu images updated.