Discover our new preset reports for fast, accurate, and easy reporting about your business.

Looking for the previous reporting format?
They're still here! Select Custom Reports from the report type field. From here you can access any saved favorites or format reports the way you're used to.

Sales Reports
Sales SummaryA general overview of sales from a given time period. The report includes itemization metrics like gross sales, refunds, net sales, discounts, tips, and taxes.
Payment MethodsA summary of the total collected and any associated fees from credit, debit and gift cards, and any other tender types.
Product SalesShows details for all items sold including gross sales, net sales, discounts, and total sold. Use display options to see item sales by store, room, register, payment method, or cashier.
Product Group SalesShows details for all items sold including gross sales, net sales, discounts, and total sold.
Team SalesShows gross sales, net sales, average sale size, and sales count per employee.
Labor vs. SalesTrack wages and see how your labor cost compares to sales.
DiscountsA list discounts. Order Discounts have their own totals, item discounts are totaled together, discounts from marketing campaigns are marked with [COUPON] + campaign name.
Gift CardsTracks everything related to your gift card activity.
Custom ReportsBuild any type of report you like with deep and broad reporting. If you used Crisp prior to May 2021, this is the classic view. 
Labor Reports
TipTip distribution between eligible employees. Tips are totaled per day and distributed by hours worked. (for $100 in tips and 10 labor hours, each hour worked receives $10 in tips)

PayrollStandard payroll report calculating hours, wages, overtime, and total pay. 
SummaryA quick summary of hours worked, and total pay by employee. 
Merchant Processing
TotalsBreak down of authorizations, refunds, chargebacks, fees, and Net total for credit card transactions.
DepositsList of deposits made from Adyen to your store's linked bank account.
TransactionsIndividual transactions with additional details like charged amount and MP fees.


Are third party sales included in the preset reports?
No, by default we leave those sales out, you can run a custom report and use the Sales Source dropdown and include third party sales.