This feature is in BETA, we appreciate feedback when you are using BETA features. 

You can send messages to your customer's inbox using the Marketing tab on your Crisp Dashboard.

Blast messages are one time messages that will go to your customer's inbox in their mobile app. To get started sending Blast Messages select New Blast Message.

The configuration wizard will open.
1. Enter the name of your campaign (customers will not see this name)
2. Select Announcement
3. Click Next: Choose Audience

BETA note: The store dropdown only has all stores as an option, currently we can not target customers who have only visited specific stores. 

Select Audience

Your next step is to choose your audience.
All customers include all loyalty users with your mobile app downloaded.
New Customers have signed up in the last 30 days.
Lapsed Customers have not visited in 30 days.

BETA note: Currently the calculation for these segments is unreliable, even if the wizard say "0 Reachable" your campaign will still send. 

Message Configuration

The next page in the wizard will allow you to configure your message.
There are a number of fields

Title: This will be displayed at the top of your inbox message
Image: You can include an image for your message, if you do not include a message we will use a default image of you r logo.
Body: This will be the main text of the message you want to send.
Button: Select text for the button at the bottom of the message.
You can set the button destination to either "Inbox", which will take customers back to their inbox. Or "Map" which will take customers to the location selection screen to begin their order.
Conditions: You can include a list of terms and conditions if it is appropriate for you message. 

Schedule Campaign

The next page will allow you to set a day to send your message, and a day for it to expire. When a message expires it automatically removes itself from your customer's inbox.

Review Campaign

The final page of the configuration wizard will display details on the message you are about to send. You can also send a test to yourself if you want to preview your configured message.

Send Test: Enter your phone number and within 2 minutes you'll recieve an inbox message. If your app is open, you'll need to restart your app to see the message.

Publish: When you are satisified with your configuration, hit publish and your message will be sent at your configured date.