You can send messages to your customer's inbox using the Marketing tab on your Crisp Dashboard.

Note: Once a blast is published it is FINAL and cannot be changed/undone.

Blast messages are one time messages that will go to your customer's inbox in their mobile app. To get started sending Blast Messages select New Blast Message.

Step 1: Choose your campaign type

1. Enter the name of your campaign (customers will not see this name)
2. Select Campaign Type

Unlike Offer Campaigns announcements do not include a coupon of any kind. They are simply notifications you can use to communicate.

For example: You could announce the opening of a new location to customers who have visited stores nearby.

Non-Targeted Offer Campaigns
This campaign type will not send a message to customer inboxes. Instead, this campaign is used to create a simple promo code that can be redeemed through the mobile app.

For example: You could create a promo code 15OFF and advertise the code on social media. Customers who enter the promo code at checkout

*as of this writing promo codes can only be redeemed through the mobile app
** be aware that, unlike targeted offers, promo codes can be redeemed multiple times by the same customer before it's expiration date

Targeted Offer Campaigns

Targeted offer campaigns send a message directly to your customer's inbox on their mobile app. This campaign is like an announcement, but includes a discount that customers can redeem online. This discount type has the benefit that it can only be redeemed once/customer.

For example: You could send a Happy fourth of July! message along with a coupon for $5 off any Hot Dog. Customers would be able to redeem this coupon one time through the app.

Step 2: Select your audience

*Applies only for targeted campaigns

Your next step is to choose your audience.
All customers include all loyalty users with your mobile app downloaded.

Loyal Customers
Have a higher avg. frequency compared to your brands average visit rate. These calculations are unique to your brand.

These customers contribute an outsized amount to your bottom line. They're likely to make purchases without incentive, but leverage their enthusiasm to reach new customers and promote your brand.

Regular Customers 
Have an average frequency, they are likely to make purchases without incentive but you may be able to increase their ticket size, or frequency with the right offers. Aim to turn this group into loyal customers.

Lapsed Customers 
These customers have gone twice as long as usual between purchases. This is a key group to target as the right time as a good offer can be the difference between returning to a normal purchase cycle, or you never seeing them again! Consider a fairly generous offer to bring them back.

Nearly Lapsed
These customers are approaching not having visited twice as long as normal.


These customers haven't visited in over 60 days. Its likely at this poiint that they've fallen out of their purchase cycle and you won't be seeing them again. Over time, this can become your biggest customer segment. Reach out to them with a generous offer to pique their interest and remind them why they loved your brand!

Nearly Lost
These customers are approaching 60 days with no visits.

Floating Customers

These customers downloaded your app, but have yet to make a purchase! App users have higher ticket sizes and average frequency. Encourage them to become an app user with an offer.

Step 3: Create your couponChoose between the following discount types:
-Item Discount: Offer a discount on a specific item
-Category Discount: Offer a discount on a specific category

-Order Discount: Offer a discount on an order total
Then choose between the following discount values:
- % OFF: Offer a percentage discount
- $ OFF: Offer a fixed amount discount
Step 4: Configure your message

Message Configuration

The next page in the wizard will allow you to configure your message.
There are a number of fields

Title: This will be displayed at the top of your inbox message
Image: You can include an image for your message, if you do not include a message we will use a default image of your logo.
Body: This will be the main text of the message you want to send.
Button: Select text for the button at the bottom of the message.
Button Destination: Depending on the type of message you're configuring you'll be able to select:

- Inbox: This will simply exit the message
- Map: This will take your customers to a location list to begin ordering
- Ordering: If you've selected an item discount, this will take your customer to the map to select a location, then directly open the product page for the discounted item.
- Custom: You can enter an external URL to link out to from the app.

Conditions: You can include a list of terms and conditions if it is appropriate for you message. 

Step 4: Schedule Campaign

The next page will allow you to set a day to send your message, and a day for it to expire. When a message expires it automatically removes itself from your customer's inbox.


Can be sent the same day if you're looking to send a message quick

Offer Campaigns
Because of how our online discounts work, the earliest you can schedule an offer campaign is for the next day.

Step 5: Review Campaign

The final page of the configuration wizard will display details on the message you are about to send. You can also send a test to yourself if you want to preview your configured message.

Send Test: Enter your phone number and within 2 minutes you'll receive an inbox message. If your app is open, you'll need to restart your app to see the message.

* note that push notification and discounts do not work with test messages. You'll be able to review the inbox message but not redeem the coupon or promo code

Publish: When you are satisfied with your configuration, hit publish and your message will be sent at your configured date.