*You do not need a DoorDash merchant account to use this option

What it is

By using DoorDash Drive you can allow your customers to place delivery orders through your app or website. These orders will then be delivered by DoorDash.

The typical delivery fee + commission collected by DoorDash is replaced by a flat $8 fee, which you can pass entirely onto your customer, or share the cost of delivery with you customer.

100% of the tip for these orders will be allocated to the Dasher.

You will collect the fee from you customers and be billed on your Crisp monthly invoice.

How to set it up

Doordash Drive Settings

Crisp Dashboard > Stores > Store Overview > Your Store Page > Settings > Integrations

Select Edit and then DoorDash Drive.
If you wish to share the cost of delivery with your customers, enter how much you would like to subsidize in the provided field.

Set the integration to Active and click Save.

Delivery Settings

Your online ordering will inherit some of your delivery settings for DoorDash Drive orders. To set the integration active you will need to activate delivery as well.

On this same settings page go to the Delivery card and hit Edit.

You can also offer your own delivery if you would like by using these settings. If the order is below your configured Minimum Delivery order amount then DoorDash will handle delivery. If it is above the configured amount we will pass the order into your "Pickup" room for your team to deliver.

If you do not want to do any of your own delivery

If you want DoorDash to handle all delivery, simply set all configurations to and mark delivery active.
This will result in all delivery requests being passed to DoorDash.

Hit Save to store your settings and within a few minutes your online ordering channels will start giving your customers the option for delivery. 


Do I need a DoorDash account?
Nope, DoorDash will only receive a request for delivery. They don’t need your menu or to know anything about your customers making an account unnecessary.

How will this look in store?

DoorDash Drive orders will appear and behave just like any other online order for pickup.

Will my customers earn loyalty?

Yes! Customers will be able to earn loyalty and use your gift cards for these transactions.

How will the and tip be accounted for?

Fees and tips for DDD will not be included in your gross or net sales. Instead in your accounting report under the “Third Party” section you will see two new line items. “Doordash Drive Delivery Fee” & “Doordash Drive Tip”. These combined amounts are what you will be invoiced for.