After launching you will contact the Crisp Support team for assistance with any trouble you have with the POS system. Please read our Support Expectations so that you can learn what to expect from our team and what to do in the event of an emergency with the system.

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Support Expectations

Our Crisp Support Team is always looking for ways to make your experience

better. When you reach out to us with issues we want them solved as quickly

and painlessly as possible. We want to create a great relationship with all of

our customers and the best way to do this is to set expectations. We believe

that at the root of all frustration is an unmet expectation and by making sure

both parties know what to expect of each other, situations will be resolved


We ask that you relay all of this information to your staff so they know what

to expect from us as well.

How To Contact Us

Crisp Support is available from 7am-10pm Monday-Saturday, and 8am-9pm

on Sundays for emergencies only. If you need assistance outside of those

hours you are encouraged to message us and we will reply the next day.

--Crisp Support phone number: (385) 317-4006

Our phone number is for emergencies only. Examples of an


--You can’t take orders

--Your network is completely down

--Payment Terminals will not accept any payment. If you are

having intermittent issues please chat in.

If it’s not an emergency, please reach out using chat in the Crisp app or


Issues at the store level (internet down, can’t take payments, screens down,

etc.) need to be handled by someone at the store. We need to be in contact

with someone who is in the store to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

As Crisp continues to grows as a company we will hire more Support Team

Members which will allow us to accept phone calls for non-emergent issues.

We understand that typing on an iPad and waiting for a response is not ideal.

However, at this point, we do not have the personnel required to help solve

every problem by phone. Being able to be more accessible and being able to

help you quicker and more efficiently is a major priority for us. When we are

able to accept more phone calls we will update you. Thank you for


--If your issue requires in-person support, you will be charged as follows:

--Hourly Charge: $50.00 while on location

--Travel Charge: $10.00 within 50 miles of the Crisp office

--Extra Mileage Charge: $0.55 for every mile after 50 miles

--Crisp office address: 307 W 200 S Salt Lake City, UT 84101


If your issue requires new hardware, we will ship it out the next business day.

If you live in Northern Utah and want hardware hand-delivered and installed

you will need to pay for that service as listed above.

Only under an emergency situation will we “overnight” hardware. If you prefer

to have a piece of equipment shipped out faster than recommended let a

support member know. Note that additional shipping costs may incur.

If your new hardware needs to be set up in-store, that will be handled over

chat unless a Support Team Member is free to call the store.

If you need replacement hardware please email

Menu Management

You are responsible for managing your store's menu unless it is controlled by

your corporate office in which case they are responsible. Our responsibility is

to help troubleshoot any issues you may be having with the Dashboard,

Online Ordering, POS, or in-store equipment. We are happy to provide

guidance if you are uncertain about how to do something, but we will not be

making menu changes on your behalf from now on. Crisp Support is only

available for menu help in these instances:

--You are attempting to do a menu push but either it’s not working or the

changes you made aren’t appearing

--Item(s) on your POS aren’t appearing that you have confirmed appears

correct on the Dashboard

--An item(s) (Discounts, Products, Combos, etc) are charging a different

amount than what is on the Dashboard

--Any other issues that you feel are out of your control and would

therefore require help from Crisp Support

Response Times

--Calling - Immediate response: emergencies only

--Chat - Within 5-30 minutes usually: most issues or questions

--Email - Around one business day: bigger issues that require more time

to figure out or problems that don’t need to be solved quickly

If you have feedback from your experience with the Crisp Support Team,

please contact


Haven Winston

Director of Customer Operations