Under the Team > Team Members tab you can create new user profiles for employees.
Creating a profile will:

1. Generate pin codes for employees to log in to the Crisp POS
2. Send an email to employees prompting them to create a password and login to the Crisp Dashboard

If you're trying to change permissions make sure to check out the Creating Jobs/Permissions article. You'll need to be an admin to alter job permissions.

Adding an Employee

Click the Add Employee button in the top right corner of the Team Member page.

There are 3 tabs on every employee profile.

Profile, Payroll, Job


Required Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address


No information is required on this page. 


Required Information:

  • Job Title (selected from available jobs)
  • Stores (which stores will this user have access to)
  • Wage (this can be left at $0 if desired)

Extra Info

You can add any additional info to your employee profiles such as phone number, social security number, etc. if you find it useful. Employees can also fill in most of this information from their My Account page on the Crisp dashboard.

If you need to know an employee's pincode for the POS you can find it in their profile under the profile tab. Simplye click the Show POS pincode dropdown to see their pins for each store.