Checking Daily Sales

At the end of the day, you should be checking your daily sales on the Accounting report.

You can access this page by doing the following:

  1. Log Into the Dashboard
  2. Click the ‘Data Center’ button
  3. Click ‘Accounting’

Once you’ve accessed this page, you are able to choose what day you want to run it for. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the sections and what they mean:

Sales & Tips

Here is the most accurate breakdown of sales.  These have been proven to match up with credit card deposits, accounting reports, etc.  Do not rely on the backend for accurate daily sales numbers, do not rely on the reports page for accurate daily sales numbers, if you are wanting to line up your deposits or have a sure-fire way to know, remember to check the accounting report.

Cash Drop Summary

Here you can see your cash drop summary.  It will tell you how much is expected to be in the cash drawer, how much actually is in the cash drawer. 

Payment Type

Here in the accounting report you’ll be able to see how many credit card payments you had, cash payments, loyalty payments, and gift card payments. 

Third Party Sales

Crisp offers a DoorDash integration, and allows for you to track orders through other Third-Party Delivery companies such as UberEats, GrubHub, etc.

You’ll also find a section that’s called ‘Third-Party Sales’ on the Accounting Report.  This is merely an estimate - do not use these numbers in your reporting.  We strongly recommend checking your actual third-party reporting tools to know how much sales you made, delivery fees, etc.  

As mentioned before, these numbers are an estimate based on the POS prices and quantity of items ordered.