Accounting reports are used as high-level reports typically used for tax filings, valuation, or other more formal accounting tasks.

Checking Daily Sales

Log Into the Dashboard > Select Data > Select Accounting

Once you’ve accessed this page, you are able to choose what day you want to run it for.

Select the Stores & Date Range you'd like to generate reports for. 

Stores are always separated in our accounting reports - for summary reports use the Reports page.

Gross SalesGross Sales do not include tips, taxes, or gift cards sold.
Net SalesNet Sales = (Gross Sales) - (Refunds Sales) - (Discounts)
Sales TaxTax Collected
*If you use more than one tax rate each rate will have its own line item
**Sales tax is not included in gross or net sales
Gift Cards SoldThe amount of gift card value that was purchased
*Gift card sales are not taxed and not included in sales totals. Gift card redemptions are taxed and included in sales
Non-Taxable SalesAny sales that were made as tax-exempt transactions
Store Credit SoldTotal Gift Card value that was manually added to cards
Tips ReceivedCC tips + cash tips (if entered in cash drops)

*Tips are never included in either gross or net sales calculations

Refund MethodsRefunds will be broken down by tender type here (i.e. Amex, Visa, Cash)

Refunds ManualThis will only appear if manual refunds have been issued
*Manual refunds do not deduct from gross sales to arrive at net sales as they are not tied to a specific sale. 
Refund SalesThe value of refunded sales
*Refund Sales are deducted from gross sales when calculating net sales
Refunds TaxThe value of refunded taxes
*Not included in gross/net calculations because taxes are not included in gross or net sales

RoomsA breakdown of sales by room

VoidsA breakdown of Voids by reason

DiscountsBreakdown of discounts by type and a total line
TotalItemDiscountsTotal value of discounts applied at the item level
TotalOrderDiscountsTotal value of discounts applied at the order level

CashA summary of cash drops
ActualThe actual amount of cash counted in drawers
*Note that in the accounting report start til is not included in either actual or expected cash
ExpectedThe amount of cash that was expected in a drawer
Based on (Cash Sales) + (Paid Ins) - (Paid Outs) 
OversDifference between actual and expected when actual was greater than expected
UndersDifference between actual and expected when actual was less than expected
Paid InsTotal of Paid In records (paid ins add to expected)
Paid OutsTotal of Paid Out records (paid outs deduct from expected)

PaymentsA break down of total collected by tender type

Third PartyA summary of third party sales
*Third Party sales are not included in any previous calculations. All reconciliation for third party sales should be done through your third party's portal
Sales TotalTotal estimate of all sales made through a third party
Sales Tax TotalTotal estimate of all sales tax collected on third party sales
{Provider Name} SalesEstimate of total sales for a specific provider
{Provider Name} Sales taxEstimate of total sales tax for a specific provider
DoorDash Drive delivery feeOnly relevant if using DoorDash Drive integration -
Total collected for delivery fees (note that this is not the same as the amount you will be invoiced for unless you are not subsidizing the delivery fee)
DoorDash Drive delivery tipTotal of tips collected on DoorDash Drive orders (note that this amount will be charged on your invoice as Crisp returns all tips on DoorDash Drive orders to DoorDash) 


Why do I have an imbalance in my accounting report?

  • The most common cause of an imbalance is when a refund is performed on a different day than the sale was made. In this scenario, the refund amount does not affect the net sales calculation, as the assigned sale is not part of the reporting period.

Are third-party sales included in the preset reports?

  • No, by default we leave those sales out, you can run a custom report and use the Sales Source dropdown and include third-party sales.

Regenerating Accounting Reports

When an accounting report is pulled from the Crisp system the report is cached. Meaning that if you run an identical report it will not recalculate the totals, but simply retrieve the previously run report.

This is done for accountants who prefer that numbers do not change and do reconciliation on their own.

However, it may be the case that adjustments are made after the report has been pulled.
These adjustments are typically related to adjusted cash drops or refunds that occur after the purchase date

User Permissions

Users with the permission "can regenerate accounting reports" will see the option to regenerate reports.

This permission is available to the Admin, Owner, and Manager job groups. Regenerating a report will clear the cached report and calculate new totals including any adjustments that have been made since the report was initially pulled.