Connect the CFD to the POS

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To connect your Customer Facing Display (CFD) follow these steps:

On the device you wish to use as your CFD:

  1. Download the Crisp POSapp.
  2. On the login screen, use the login pin 01099, then hit enter. This will activate a QR code reader.

From your POS device:

  1. Login on the Crisp POSapp.
  2. From the sidebar menu, tap Management, then Connect CFD. This will display a QR Code similar to below

Now with your CFD device, use the QR Code reader (From YOUR POS, not this article) to scan the QR Code displaying on your POS device. This will connect the two devices.

Your CFD is now connected to your POS system!

Note: If for some reason you ever need to exit CFD mode on your device, tap the very top right corner of the screen repeatedly 10+ times until the app exits CFD mode.