You can access your Payroll, Tip, and Labor Reports from the Dashboard.

  • Click Stores
  • Store Overview
  • Then the store you're pulling the report for
  • Select Reports

  • Then you can select which report you'd like to run: Payroll, Tip, or Labor
  • Then select the dates you'd like to run the report for
  • You can also download and export the report as well!

Example of a Tip Report:

If there is are Tips Left in the right column, that is because that amount could not be split evenly amongst the employees.

Example of a Payroll Report:

Here you can see the employee's name, if they're eligible for tips, hourly pay, hours worked, pay total for the period you selected, OT pay rate, OT hours worked, total OT paid for the period you selected, total hours, and total pay.

Example of a Labor Report:

Here you will see your employees, hours they worked, hours they were scheduled, how much they are being paid, and how many days they worked in the time period you selected.