1. Open up package and connect the plug to the device

  2. Plug in the power source and connect the Ethernet port into a switch

  3. The device should turn on and once you see the screen shown to the right, you'll want to press 2-6-3-4 then the green button then F

  1. You should see a screen that says Press F for menu next! Press F to get to the functions menu.

  1. Scroll down to number 3-TDA and press the green button.

6a. Press the green button again on 0-configuration.

6b. Press the green button again on 0-Communication.

  1. Go down to 2-Ethernet Settings and press the green button.

  1. Go down to 1-DHCP and press the green button.

  1. Set the device to STATIC and then press the red button to go back to the Ethernet Screen (see above)

  1. Hit the red button to get back to the ethernet menu.  Scroll down to 3-IP Address and press the green button.

  1. If this is the first payment device in the store, you will start with the IP  Press the green button to ensure that this has saved.

  2. Hit the red button until you reach a screen that ask you to save the changes, hit the green button to save.

Crisp's system for payment devices is the following: IP Address starts at and goes up from there.  For example, let's imagine a store had a payment device where they take walk-in orders, and one where they take drive-thru orders.  You would set up the IP Addresses as follows:

  • Walk-In Payment Device:
  • Drive-Thru Payment Device: