1. Navigate to Stores > Overview on your Crisp Dashboard
2. Select the store you would like to run a report from
3. Go to the "Reports" tab

4. For you report type select "Payroll"
5. Select the start date & number of days for this report

Note that your "Report Start Date" will correlate to the payroll start day of week setting in your store settings. Crisp does not support bi-monthly payroll reporting. 

6. Click the "run report" button.

7. Export the report and send it to your payroll service

Adding tips to payroll (optional)

Tips are allocated by hours worked on the day they are received. So if $100 in tips are collected and 10 employees each worked 1 hour they would each receive $10

If you would like to distribute tips with your payroll you can do so with the following steps.

1. Change your "report type" filter to tip

2. Change your "report start date" and "report end date" to match your payroll report

3. Click the "run report" button
4. Export this report and send it to your payroller, with the explanation that tips should be included in payroll.