Setting up the Curbside pick is extremely quick and easy. Online orders will appear in the “Pick up” room on your POS & KDS screens as normal. However, once the “I’m Here” button is pushed by the customer, a printer will print a receipt/ticket to notify your employees the customer is outside. 

Follow these steps to enable the virtual drive-thru feature:

  1. Designate a printer that employees will be aware of and notice the printing “I’m Here” tickets.
  2. Configure the printer to print the “I’m here” tickets

          a. From the backend, navigate to Settings > Devices


          b. Select the printer you wish to use for the “I’m Here” feature

          c. Check the "I'm Here" box. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page

3. From the backend, enable the virtual drive feature.

          a. Navigate to Settings > Configuration

          b. Scroll down to "Virtual drive-thru and select "Yes"

***Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the configurations page and hit SAVE before leaving the page!***

Note: The "I'm Here" button will appear for customer on the app the next day (after 6 am)