Running payroll is simpler than ever with Crisp's Backend Website!

Step 1: Sign into the Backend Website, then click 'Employees' and 'Payroll'

Step 2: Select the date you want the report to begin on. Select the payroll service you are sending this to. (Typically the Payroller is simply 'Direct'). Then select the number of days that are being processed on this payroll.

          *If you would like payroll to begin on another day other than Sunday you can change the beginning day from the backend as well. Go to the "Setting" tab, then "Configurations". The start day is set            with the "Payroll start day of week:" configuration.*

Step 3: Click "Go!" to complete the report.

Your report will autosave in the 'Previous Runs' section. You can either click on the date to view to the report or click on download to open a spreadsheet version of the report.

The Web Report looks like this:

The Spreadsheet looks like this: