Edit Store Hours

When logged into the backend, navigate to "Settings" and then to "Store Hours".

To set open hours

To alter a day of the week's hours, first click the blue and white "+" at the top left of the "store hours" section to add the new hours. Choose the day of the week for the first field, then the opening time and closing time (in that order) in the following fields. Choose "Save" below to save the hours.

If you are changing hours for a day of the week find the previously listed hours for that day, follow the line to the red "X" at the right, click the "X" to delete the old open hours.

Note: These changes will take effect for online ordering the next day.

Setting closed days for online ordering

Under the "exceptions" section hit the blue and white "+" button at the top left.
Select the date you will not be accepting online orders and the option "whole day"
Hit save.

Note: These changes must be made at least one day before for Online ordering to be effected. All online ordering changes reload at the beginning of each day.