A common problem is to have inaccurate wages reflecting on payroll and hours reports. This problem generally happens when an employee's wage is inaccurate, or has been updated during a reporting period.

Wage Problem Symptoms:

Here we see that the cost of Oscar's wage is inaccurate in both the Payroll Summary (Employees>Payroll) and Hours Report (Employees > Hours).

Correcting Employee Wage:

Navigating to Oscar's employee profile (Settings > Employees > Oscar) we can see that he has an inaccurate wage record.

This may have already been corrected in your backend in which case go forward to updating hours record.

To correct this wage delete the incorrect order and create a new record with the correct wages. Important: Be sure to set the wage start date to the same day as the incorrect record you are replacing.

Updating Hours Record:

With a correct wage in place we just need to update the employees hours record for the correct wage to reflect in payroll. Navigate to Hours Report (Employees > Hours)

Select any incorrect records by clicking the Blue Record Number Link on the left hand side of the screen.

Simply hit save in this view and the hours record will update with new wages.

With all inaccurate hour records updated navigate to your Payroll Summary (Employees>Payroll). Delete the inaccurate payroll report and run a new one with the same date range.

Now our payroll and hours report are accurate!